Virtual Mailbox Services Deliver Online Viewing Capabilities

If you’re looking for a virtual mailbox (for snail mail), you probably already know what you want. You want a service that will scan your mail and put it online for you so you can read it without getting paper cuts. Certainly that’s not too much to ask for?

Well, I’ll tell you, it’s not too much to ask for, and that service does exist with today’s technology. Most of the time it’s called a Virtual Mailbox. Now don’t get this confused with the electronic virtual mailbox that forwards emails. This virtual mailbox is for us postal mail, often called snail mail.

The Mail Forwarding Service you select will first scan your envelope and put it online into your account. You then look at the envelopes and decide if you want the contents to be scanned and also put online. By this point in your life, you know which mail pieces you get that are “business bulk mail (junk mail in my terms). With one click of the mouse you can get rid of that piece of mail. The service will shred it for you and get rid of it.

So in just a few seconds, you can go through your mail online and decide what to do with it. Some virtual mailbox services also give you the option of getting the paper mail back if you want it actually forwarded to where you are. The better, greener choice is to have the mail scanned and view it online.

The virtual mailbox service is mostly used for those who travel a lot, or have a summer home and/or a winter home. It’s not meant to be turned on and off for short vacations because it does require you to change your address through the post office to the mail forwarding service. But after that’s done, you can rest in piece that your mail will no longer get lost while it’s trying to chase you down.

If you didn’t know about this service, I hope I’ve convinced you what a great deal it is. You no longer have to drive anywhere to get your mail, it’s always just a click away on your computer. So stop the nonsense of changing your mailing address every time you go to your “other” home. Use a virtual mailbox instead. It’s easy, it’s green, and it’s guaranteed.

There are several options in Mail Forwarding Services that will help you decide what to do with your mail. Check out our review of two of the most recommended virtual mailbox services so you can pick the company that’s right for you, at a price you can afford.

Source by Evelyn Grazini

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