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My Virtual Tooth Virtual Pet by DigitalEagle \r
Are you looking for a cute virtual pet your child can play with? MEET DEE – a new kind of virtual pet games your kids will adore! Its My Virtual Tooth, not a talking dog or a talking cat!\r
This virtual pet is a brand new 2d teeth game, and when it comes to dental games for kids, this cute little tooth is an absolute hit! With the help of these virtual pet games, your kid will understand and learn how important dental health is.\r
★ Choose a nice name for your talking pet if Dee is not your fave\r
★ Talk to your virtual pet and he will repeat everything you say in a funny voice\r
★ Feed and bathe Dee to keep him clean and happy\r
★ Get a filling when your talking pet Dee gets cavity\r
★ Pet, poke, and tease Dee to see what else he can do\r
★ Dress up your cute virtual pet with countless outfit combinations of your choice\r
★ Decorate every room of Dees house with dozens of awesome items!\r
★ A 3 minute toothbrush timer – wash your teeth to keep them clean until the timer expires\r
★ Play mini games with your favorite virtual pet – baby tooth\r
★ Watch Dee grow from a baby tooth to an adult healthy one\r
★ Share your best moments with your talking pet so your friends can see how much fun youre having playing dental games\r
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