Moodle Up A Campus – Transform Education With Your Own Virtual Classroom For 21st Century Learning

Now hang onto your seats for a truly fascinating journey into the workings of moodle!

These last 10 months I launched into an incredibly technical journey. Deciding I would whip myself up a Virtual Online Campus I knew I would need all the help I could get. As a website builder I am a complete novice. HTML what? So once I had decided that the moodle learning platform was my vehicle I needed to learn – rather quickly – how to drive!

A Google search pulled up a few publications on Moodle and I chose Jason Coles ‘Using Moodle’. I chose this publication as it really got to the point. Using Moodle. Yes that is what I would be doing a lot of. This makes sense. Incredibly enough humans are more apt to learn when what they are learning makes sense. This is what I believe makes up part of that gut instinct scenario. So trusting my gut instinct I anxiously awaited the arrival of my personal copy of ‘Using Moodle’.

All was set. My moodle – EMPTY moodle – was all ready to go and be built upon. I flipped open my moodle publication and I was away laughing. Incredibly the preface outlines exceptionally well what indeed the moodle is! You might be asking “Well of course that seems pretty obvious”. I have read and received a number of technical publications that assume the reader has a PhD in the subject area already! Which I feel rather defeats the purpose of a text if you are writing for those who already know!

Step by gradual step I read my moodle bible and step by wonderful step I created an amazing Virtual Campus! Throughout the book I was so excited that the content matched the scenario I was experiencing on the screen of my computer! This type of consistency in technical text is sometimes very difficult to achieve as technology is moving at the speed of light!

Jason Cole is engaging in his explanations of some pretty techie potentially boring content. The fact the he has you feeling so successful with what you are building over rides any techie issues. Cole beautifully integrates this exciting new knowledge into your prior teaching and learning experiences. All the way through he is offering suggestions for classroom integration and how to stay sane throughout the process!

Reading this book has taken my life, learning and teaching in a whole new direction. Technology is bringing exciting experiences to all those who are ready to embrace it!

Source by Margit Barreras

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